Modern City project

This beautiful project is a modern complex which includes 4 blocks of apartments and 2 different building phase in the heart of the city of Famagusta
In this project commercial places from 108m2 till 346m2 and residential units of 45m2 till 95m2 is placed which are designed as studios one-bedroom and two-bedroom
To spend time in the most efficient way the project is designed with detail and related considerations. This project is full of different shops entertaining and relaxing cafes in open spaces which you can spend hours in.
This project is known as the first project that includes a private road, with modern architects based on international architectural standards with wide pavements and corridors and shops and parking provides a comfortable luxury and safe lifestyle
Considering the project is located in the center of the city, you’re close to everything that you need to go to.
The project includes an open pool, shopping center, and entertainment areas. Whatever you will need to have a social and healthy lifestyle you will have here
Project type: city life
Property Type: apartments
City: Famagusta
Dimensions: 45m2-57m2-66m2-95m2
Project status: ready to deliver



دو خواب

Two bedrooms 1


یک خواب

One bedroom


یک خواب

One bedroom


دو خواب

Two bedrooms 2


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Payment conditions

30% while signing contract

70% in long-term instalments without interest





Modern city project options

24/7 security

Private parking

Open swimming pool

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